Case Studies

Clickky runs ad campaigns in more than 120 countries, ensuring 1B daily impressions and 3M installs monthly. The expertise accumulated by the company covers multiple verticals, with specific focus on the following ones:

Travel & Local

Clickky has been showing great results for apps in the Travel & Local category, both on Android and iOS platforms. Thanks to strategic campaign optimization, Clickky was able to deliver more than 6,000 installs per month and attract loyal users, with high retention rate, which exceeded the expectations of the advertiser.


Clickky has substantial expertise in the games vertical, having helped applications reach up to 6,000 downloads per month and get ROI more than 58 per cent, and in some cases even 128 per cent, both on Android and iOS platform. Working with the most expensive traffic, Clickky was able to drive downloads and engaged users, delivering great results for the campaign in terms of ROI.


Clickky has helped apps in the Casino category reach impressive RR results, showing Day 1 RR up to 30-50%. Running campaigns on both iOS and Android platforms, Clickky boosted the number of downloads for particular geos. With meticulous and intricate targeting, Clickky was able to help the app earn twice as much as had been spent on the ad campaign, in the countries with high CPI rates.


For ICO clients, we offer acquisition of relevant investors and early adopters of their projects. Learn more about our experience with ICO advertisers by following this link.


Clickky has helped a range of clients in the Finance app category to achieve their advertising goals. Clickky’s strength is in attracting engaged users that complete in-app actions, like registrations and data entry, and continue to return to the app. With the focus on retention, Clickky concentrated on delivering quality results.