User Lifetime Value Calculator
Measure the success of your monetization strategy, calculate the value of each user to reveal insights about your marketing and monetization strategy
Discover how users interact with your app
Find out if you pay just enough for advertising
Understand monetization and improve your strategy to earn more revenue!
LTV calculator
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Active users per month
Number of users at the beginning of the month
Number of users at the end of the month
Why is LTV important?
User lifetime value is one of the key app metrics, which helps to find answers to the most pressing questions.
  • Is your marketing strategy really effective?

    Find out the value of each user and compare it to the cost of user acquisition. If CAC is greater than LTV metric, it's a clear signal that your marketing budget should be better optimized to attract more loyal users at a lower cost.

  • Do you do monetization right?

    If users stay with your app, but you don't see significant increase in revenue, check the LTV of each user and find the ways to increase revenue per active users.

  • Does your app manage to retain users?

    Low LTV can signify poor user retention. Look into user experience to see why users are churing and take steps to prevent them from abandoning the app.

Lifetime value metric brings together user engagement and revenue calculation to help determine problems and find better ways to monetize the app.
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